To finance a home renovation you can choose between a mortgage or a loan and largely the decision will depend on the amount needed for the work. If the expense does not justify the request for a mutual restructuring, you can proceed by starting to compare the loans, even online.

Here are some examples of the best April 2019 Home restructuring loans

Here are some examples of the best April 2019 Home restructuring loans

Restructuring interventions can be more or less demanding from an economic point of view. For personal loans starting at 3,000 euros and up to 30,000 euros provides repayment plans from 24 up to 84 months. The amounts can be paid in bank or postal current account, on Pay card or in cash at the counter.

A promotion is in progress, valid until April 20, 2019, dedicated to holders of a current account or a Postal Card to be used for the loan, thereby benefiting from a more advantageous interest rate. The reimbursement can be made by debit on account or through postal bills .

For renovations of up to € 30,000

The House Lend proposal can also be evaluated, which allows the requested amount to be paid into the current account with maximum freedom of use, or to choose a specific loan, for example for the purchase of furniture needed to complete the renovation.

House Lend personal loans can be customized by amount


Installment and duration, and allow you to choose between different formulas at various levels of flexibility to better manage your repayment.

If the interventions require higher sums


Home Lend offers restructuring loans starting from 1,000 and up to 60,000 euros, suitable for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and structural changes to the building. The amount is paid directly into the current account and the entire process of underwriting the loan is done online through a digital signature.

As for the reimbursement rate, it is always possible to take advantage of temporary promotional offers online. The ancillary costs of the loan are zeroed.

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