Through which channels do Italians manage their finances today? To answer this interesting question he tried only a few days ago the Digital Payments Study conducted which focused on highlighting the importance that technologies increasingly play in our daily life.

According to what emerged from this in-depth annual survey, despite the long-standing problems related to the privacy and security of its data, more and more users are using their smartphone or tablet for mobile banking operations .

Loans becomes mobile using their smartphone or tablet

Loans becomes mobile using their smartphone or tablet

This is a trend that is widely affirmed throughout Europe: according to the evidence highlighted by the survey, two out of three Europeans (62%) use the peculiarities of the online to use specific apps connected to banking services.

Italy is slightly below average with just over one in two Italians (56%) who exploit these services but 36% said they use them practically daily. This is a positive and growing percentage of well + 9% compared to what had been recorded in 2016.

Not only checking the account statement: as we know, in fact, the web is also one of the preferential channels chosen by our compatriots to request fast loans and safe, reducing the time required to submit the application and being able to count on answers in a very short time.

In recent years, precisely the loans on mobile trends

In recent years, precisely the loans on mobile trends

Has contributed to the birth of numerous apps that allow you to constantly monitor your financial situation, with lots of income and expenses, but also for those who have a loan on expiry of the installments to be paid.

The advantages of loans using mobile


have been welcomed with greater satisfaction especially among young people who in Italy use their devices in 82% of cases to conduct numerous financial transactions.

65% of the sample feels safe with respect to the use of these channels, which are also considered more convenient and faster.

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