When the need arises to purchase the first home or to renovate the house already in possession, a market investigation is carried out at the banking institutions to verify the possibility of turning on a mortgage or requesting a loan. Very often the bank does not provide the capital for 100% of the expenditure to be incurred by the applicant, therefore you are in the condition of having to use your own liquidity to cover part of the expenses.

To facilitate the purchase or renovation of the building, there are contributions that the regions can make available to those entitled. 

Mortgage or requesting a loan:  What is the contribution and who does it require?

Mortgage or requesting a loan:  What is the contribution and who does it require?

The Vento Region has provided the residents, the contribution First Home “grant”, ie not return. The Vento Region has allocated 57 million euros for the realization of this project. This initiative was taken by the Region to improve the quality of life of its tax payers and give the possibility of creating a stable family unit.

In order to be able to grant this contribution, the Vento Region has stipulated, with the major banking institutions in the area, an agreement that allows the applicant to apply for access to the regional contribution as if applying for an ordinary mortgage. 

Entry requirements for the contribution


The conditions of access to the contribution are very restrictive; let’s see who can access it.
Like all loans on the market, even for this type of loan and in consideration of the established maximum limit that could not satisfy the paradoxical need of all residents / applicants, conditions have been established for its use. All residents who have specific personal requisites or are strictly related to the applicant (family status) and economic requirements or concerning the economic condition of the applicant or their family unit can access the formulation request.

The following are the personal requirements:

The following are the personal requirements:

• Family with a dependent child: it is therefore a child who may have passed the age of majority but is not yet economically independent and therefore needs the support of parents.
• Young couple under 35: the contribution is aimed at young couples seeking stability , in fact both members of the family are under 35 years old.
• Residence in the Vento Region: the applicant must be a resident within the territory of the Vento Region .

As stated, the economic requirements instead define the economic condition in which the applicant must be at the time of the application:
• Employment contract: the applicant must have an employment contract for at least six months .
• ISEE income from 12,000 to 60,000: The income of the entire family unit must be between 12,000 and 60,000.

The contributions disbursed will not cover the totality of the expense sustained for the housing unit object of the request but will be paid up to a maximum of € 25,000 per housing unit based on the documentation presented by the applicant.

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